Ralph Nakhle
Ralph Nakhle
User Experience professional and teacher

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A UX designer by luck

Before becoming a UX design expert, I struggled with my studies and early career. After a short span in sales and marketing, I switched to a more creative path: filmmaking. But as soon as the film was cut and finalized, I sat anxious, upset that the film can no longer be changed or improved. After exploring alternative paths, I discovered Interaction design (a subset of UX). It allowed me to work with an evolving and malleable system that can be continuously improved, changed and altered. And it’s all thanks to the Agile methodology which was designed for fast and iterative software development.

I then joined the prestigious design firm Frog design, which is responsible for the invention of user-centered design, along with IDEO. I excelled in this environment and helped design - amongst other things - the software application of a fintech company that sold for $560 Million. Since then, I’ve been working with startups on creating a user centered culture and growing their products through best-in-class User Experiences. I am tremendously grateful to have found a career path that resonates so profoundly with me. In a nutshell, I feel Lucky! :)

As I deepen and develop my experience further, I want to share my knowledge and work with people who want to craft great human experiences through technology.



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leading design and research

Research first, design after.

During my two years at Holidu, we worked tremendously hard with the founders to figure out what systems we need to build and how to design them for a frictionless experience. We used multiple research methodologies, from in-house interviews, to remote user test and in-depth data analysis of A/B tests. It was the only way to understand the qualitative and quantitative behavior of our millions of users. This research played a key role in quadrupling our user base and our headcount!


Demystifying a fintech app

Listen with care and intent.

Fintech products have been amongst the most disruptive in recent years for a simple reason: They’re making finance consumer-friendly. I worked with Equatex for almost a year on making their product transparent, simple to use and jargon-free. The experience was so well received by its users that they were soon after acquired for $560 Million by their competitor, who stated that they wouldn’t be able to catch up on their improved UX.


Building lasting relationships

Once the foundation of a product is solid, you can start deepening your relationship with your users. It’s easy to prioritize new features over creating delightful moments, but ultimately, it’s the special moments that people remember. When working with clients like Ikea and others, it was critical to clearly communicate the long-lasting advantages of small yet delightful designs. I consider myself lucky to have worked on products that have touched the lives of millions.


Dedicated to making a difference.

UX has this wonderful capacity to drive and create change. It can make the difference between the success of a startup and its failure. But it can also be used poorly.

My mission is to bring forth the best UX practices, share them and help new designers and UX advocate emerge.

This is why I am dedicating a significant amount of my free time to teaching and coaching the values, benefits and practical skills of UX.

See you soon,

Ralph Nakhle