Why I decided to teach!

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I’ve always been critical with the educational systems that I’ve attended. To a large degree, no matter which program or discipline I was in, (besides sports, arts and music) I was graded based on two things:

  1. My ability to replicate a pattern that I had previously learned (like in Mathematics or Sciences)

  2. My ability to memorize material (like in History or Languages)

And although I did not know better, this evaluation technic did not sit well with me. Even when I did well in school.

Broadly speaking, I did not like school. To be more accurate, I did not like the way I was being taught.

I’ve always been curious. I like reading, learning and exploring my boundaries. And to a large degree, I believe that a school is the right place to do such things. Of course you should still do a fair amount of discoveries and explorations at home and on weekends while with friends and family. But a perfect school should look more like a laboratory and less like an academy.

Surely, this is not an easy amendment - given that we agree that this direction is worth exploring. There’s a host of adjustments that would need to take place: Teachers must be trained differently, classes should be smaller, a hands-on curriculum must be developed etc…

But it can happen and it should. The 4 disciplines I would focus on are:

  1. Communication

  2. Creative problem solving (Sciences go here)

  3. Athletics

  4. Arts

Communication is here because everything lives in language. Language is the ultimate gatekeeper. The more fluent we are, the more expressive we can be and the more reach we have.

Creative problem solving will increasingly become critical. Some of the leaders of tech giants are claiming that they will encourage their children to learn to develop their creativity rather than their programing skills. They say that those who will win are those who come up with clever and creative ways of using technology.

Athletics because we are mind, body and soul. If you run or exercise you probably know the impact of sports. I have yet to meet a person that trains but does not praise the impact that sports has on their life.

Arts because of its purity. It is medicine to the soul.

"I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin." - Albert Einstein

My observation might seem simple and futile. But I will try.

If it works, it would be my gift to the world.

To be more practical, I am starting with what I know. I am a user experience designer and product manager. I will therefore teach what I know from the lens of my own perspective. Granted, Arts and Athletics might not be able to flourish in this context, but it’s a start.


Thank you,