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Interaction Model Webinar [1.5 hrs]

The interaction model webinar is designed for people who want to explain how an entire product or system works in 30 seconds. It’s intended for programmers, designers, product managers and anyone interested in designing systems.

You will learn how to design and articulate an Interaction Model that will help you in your work on a daily basis.

We will cover the following key topics:

  • How to design an interaction model for simplicity

  • How IMs help give a quick birds eye view and onboard anyone to a project

  • How to grow the IM as the product/system grows

The webinar will last 1.5 hours and will follow the following structure:

  1. Intro to Interaction Models (15 mins)

  2. Reviewing a problem and designing an Interaction Model for it (30 mins)

  3. Benefits and advantages of Interaction Models (15 mins)

  4. Questions and answers through (30 mins)

The instructor:

My name is Ralph Nakhle. I am a seasoned professional in product and UX design. I started my career in the prestigious design firm frog design and held key positions in fast growing startups. Some of my most notable achievements include:

  • Re-designing a fintech platform that sold for a $560 Million

  • Designing and launching Ikea’s first digital and connected product - selling millions of units worldwide

  • Leading the design team of Holidu - a startup that grew from 30 to 160 people in just under 2 years (valued at €80 Million)

I am currently leading the product team at Guiker - one of Montreal's hottest startups. As a hobby, I like sharing my knowledge and helping professionals advance their skills in product and experience design.

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