Ralph Nakhle
Ralph Nakhle
User Experience professional and teacher

Indoors Greenhouse is a project where I wanted to use off-the-shelf, low tech products to grow plants in my own home. It was a proof-of-concept to assess the potential viability of a commercial product where people can grow vegetables in their own home at an affordable price. I documented my process, list of materials used and results in a blog post. Enjoy and send feedback! :)


RaitMyWait was a personal project in which I create a user experience that allowed waiters and waitresses in restaurants to be rated based on their service. The objective was to give servers control over their waiting career and help them find better employment.

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Veggitech started as a side project where we built an indoors farming system. It was initially intended as an investigation to see if it can be scaled and produce affordable produce. During the development process, and new unexpected market was identified. Even though the big picture remained to develop systems to feed the world's population, the new market seemed to be a great way to boost R&D and accelerate entry to market.

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